Karthik Ram

A Guide To Your Data Analysis Notebooks More Reproducible

This was an invited talk at Rstudio::Conf in 2019 where I spoke about using R package structures to create “research compendia”. I also introduced the holepunch R package which was an early work in progress at that time.


I have included a handful of links to papers, software packages and tutorials/manuals about some tools I mention in my talk. Pull requests or issues on additional ones to include are welcome.

Research Compendia

Examples of Research Compendia on GitHub Below are a few links to real world examples of research compendia in R. To have a minimal compendium, all you really need is a valid DESCRIPTION file containing a handful of fields such as type, name, version and dependencies. See Marwick et al 2017 for a detailed description of the different types of compendia.




Software packages related to research compendia

πŸ“ˆ Data management

Computational environments: Binder and friends

Other hosted Binder hubs

Setting up Binder for your analysis

I have captured all the various ways to set up mybinder with a R project in a separate document.

Are you interested in setting up or hosting a binderhub for the R community? Get in touch via the issues.

Also see

Software packages related to setting up computational environments

πŸ”¨ Workflows: drake and friends

Real world drake examples



Many thanks to Chris Holdgraf, Carl Boettiger, Will Landau, and Ben Marwick for various discussions on these topics. Also thanks to Ciera Martinez, Kara Woo, and Nick Tierney for comments on the presentation.